Get the answers to all your questions about how to set up and use Midy.

What is Midy?

Midy is a service that offers a simpler and more secure way to validate your identity online without sharing unnecessary personal data. 

What are the benefits of Midy?

  • Midy will encrypt your identity data with keys on your device, so your sensitive information stays in your control until you are ready to use it to verify your identity with online services.
  • Next-generation security – go passwordless! Midy supports the use of passkey technology and local device authentication (face, fingerprint, PIN or pattern) to help you securely access your app password-free and give you peace of mind.
  • Verify your government-issued ID (see below) to add your document information to your Midy — meaning you are all set to verify “you are you” with partnered online services.
  • You can use Midy to complete a re-verification if a Partner requires you to periodically re-verify that you are a real person and the same person who completed the initial Midy identity verification on the account.

What data can I load into Midy?

You can add your US Government-issued Driver License, US Government-issued State Photo ID and US Passport. Stay tuned as more documents will be supported over time as Midy is getting smarter 🙂

What are the key features of Midy?

  • Verify your ID document and store it securely in Midy
  • Add, view and delete your Verified ID documents
  • Store an image of your ID within Midy
  • Verify your age without disclosing your date of birth
  • Linking of your Midy account across your devices
  • Recovery codes to regain access to your Midy account when none of your linked devices are available
  • (Activity history coming soon)

What is a Midy "Verified ID"?

We refer to this stored information from your government-issued ID document as your “Verified ID”. Midy is an app that makes it simpler and safer to verify and prove your identity. To do this, we perform verification checks on your government-issued photo ID and face checks against the photo on your document and your video selfie. Once verified, we securely store information from your document in Midy (your Verified ID). When you need to prove you are you with our Partnered apps and services, your Verified ID can be used with your consent.

How do I download the Midy app?

You can download the Midy app directly from the US Google Play* or Apple App* stores.

* Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.

What languages are supported?

Midy will only be available in English initially, with plans to support other languages in the future.

How do I set Midy up?

  • Once you’ve downloaded and opened the Midy app, you’ll be prompted to sign up using an email or a phone number. We’ll then send you a one-time code to confirm your ownership of the email or phone number you provided.
  • The next step is to enable passwordless authentication, which means you won’t ever need a password to access Midy.
  • Finally, set up local device security using your face or fingerprint biometrics (recommended), PIN or pattern.

You’re all set. The next time you open Midy, you’ll just need to authenticate with your face or fingerprint! You won’t see the layers of security underneath, but they’ll always be there protecting you.

Why no passwords, and what is a passkey anyway?

“Passkeys are a replacement for passwords that are designed to provide a more convenient, more secure, password-less sign-in experience on websites and apps.”¹

“Passkeys are a safer and easier replacement for passwords. With passkeys, users can sign into apps and websites with a biometric sensor (such as a fingerprint or facial recognition), PIN, or pattern, freeing them from having to remember and manage passwords.”²

Passwords are not only difficult to remember, but they’re also subject to dictionary attacks, credential stuffing attacks, and more. We want you to have a more secure and simpler way to access and protect your data.

Read more about passkeys here:


What happens if my device passcode is removed?

Midy uses your device secure storage to help keep your data safe. Midy can only access its stored information when you perform local device authentication to sign-in to Midy. If your passcode is removed (e.g., by turning off local device authentication), Midy will no longer be able to operate — even if you turn local device authentication back on and set up a new passcode. In this case, Midy will reset itself and prompt you to perform the sign-up process again. You can recover access to your Midy account using another of your linked devices or by using a recovery code (provided you have access to a previously generated one) to prevent having to reset your Midy account.

How do I change my sign-up details?

Once your Midy setup is complete, your sign-up email or phone number is associated with your account and cannot be changed. However, you can delete your account, including all saved data in Midy, and complete the setup process again using your new email or phone number.

What happens if I lose access to Midy (e.g., delete my Midy app, or lose access to or replace my device)?

If you replace your device, or otherwise lose access to Midy, you can regain access through:

  1. Use of a recovery code (provided you had previously generated and stored one – and still have access to it), or through
  2. Linking your Midy account via another device that has access.

Alternatively, you can create a new Midy account with a new email address or phone number, but you will not have access to the information in your previous Midy account using that device.

How do I delete Midy and my data?

In the Midy app settings you will see a link to “Delete Midy”. This process is permanent in that your data held in your Midy app will be deleted, including all verified documents that you have stored. Your identity data that is backed-up in the Midy cloud (to permit multi-device access to Midy) will also be deleted. In addition, your identity data held in any of your other devices linked to this Midy account will not be accessible and will be deleted the next time those devices appear online to the Midy service. Certain data, including your account* information and activity history, will be retained in the Midy cloud for the data retention period, to meet audit and compliance requirements.

*Note: your email or phone number is included in the account information and kept for audit and compliance purposes. Please refer to the Midy Privacy Policy for more details about our data retention practices.

How do I update my personal information in the Midy app?

Your personal information in Midy includes the email or mobile number you have used to set Midy up, and the data contained in the verified document(s) you have onboarded. This information is not directly modifiable within Midy. However, you may delete onboarded verified documents in the My Data/Documents section of the app, and new documents can be onboarded through an identity verification process with a government-issued ID. Changing your sign-up information (e.g., email or phone number) would require to you sign up again with Midy using your new email or phone number, but you would not be able to link/sync the personal information in the new Midy account with the previously created one.

What happens if someone gains access to my email? Can they access my Midy? 

Access to your email is not sufficient to gain access to your information in Midy. Midy is also protected with local device authentication and passkey – so access to your data on a specific device is protected with your face, fingerprint, PIN or pattern. We recommend you set up Midy with biometric access (face or fingerprint). Access to your email alone is also not sufficient to recover or link access to your Midy account to a new device – either a recovery code, or another linked device (protected with local device authentication and passkey) is required.

Why do I need identity verification? 

An identity verification will help you confirm that you are a real person by matching a live video of your face to the photo on your uploaded government-issued ID. For now, you will need to be over 18 years of age to validate yourself using the Midy app.

Does this work for expired documents?

Midy will not allow you to add or verify expired documents.

How do I view a verified document?

In My Data menu item, select Documents then tap on each verified document to see the details and the image(s) of your ID.

Can I load the same document more than once into my wallet? 

Yes, Midy will not check if you have added a document already present in your wallet. This is helpful in case you have a new document that has a more recent issue or expiry date than the original document you loaded into Midy. Once you load the new document you can safely delete the original expired document.

How do I verify an Identity Document?

Have a US government-issued photo ID document from our list of supported documents at hand. From your Midy home screen, you have the option to verify your identity document — this will begin the process. Select the country where your ID was issued, the type of ID, and allow Midy access to your camera. Follow the instructions given to take a clear photo of your ID and a video selfie. Your biometric information from your photo and video will be processed to confirm your identity. 

It may take a couple of minutes for the verification process to complete. Once verified, your document will be securely stored in Midy.  

How are my biometric data used and shared?

As part of the Midy sign-up process, you will need to protect access to your account using local device authentication, where Midy encourages use of biometrics (face or fingerprint). Midy has no visibility of the biometrics you use for local device authentication other than confirming that they have been set up.

As part of the process to verify your government-issued ID, Midy compares the live capture of your face with the photo from your ID to confirm your identity. Midy keeps facial scan data and associated biometric data only when performing biometric checks and deletes such data once the check is complete (no later than in 48 hours from the moment they are captured). For more details on use of your biometric information, please refer to our Biometrics Notice. 

What should I do if the Identity verification fails? 

You may be prompted to start your identity document verification again if the process failed. Be sure to follow real-time instructions to take a good quality image of your document, and to ensure you perform the movements requested during photo capture to ensure the quality of your ID images and video selfie are sufficient.

What happens if I lose my identity document (or if it gets stolen) and I receive a replacement ID? 

To ensure you are using your latest document, the old Verified ID will need to be deleted from Midy and the new document will need to be verified.

How can I see my activity history in Midy?

For now, clicking My Data/History presents a placeholder Activity History screen. We are working on letting you view all your activities performed via Midy in the Activity History page.

Types of activities you will see include: 

  • Midy setup established 
  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy acceptance 
  • Midy successful sign-in 
  • Verified ID added 
  • Verified ID deleted 
  • Linking of Midy account to a new device
  • Recovery of access to your Midy account

How does Midy store my data?

Your personal data will be stored and encrypted on your device with a secret key held by your device, that means only you will have access to that data. Midy also creates a backup copy of your personal data which is then stored in encrypted form in the cloud. The keys used for encrypting your data are not backed-up to the cloud. This means your sensitive data remains in your control. Midy will also store limited information (email or phone) on its servers to register and maintain your account, but the rest is in your control.

Midy stores an encrypted backup copy of your identity data in the cloud, allowing you to synchronise your identity data across all your devices. It also allows you to recover access your Midy account if you cannot access your active device (and you have previously generated a recovery code and still have access to it).

How much does Midy cost?

The Midy app is completely free to users. 

When will Midy be available in other geographies?

Midy is currently only available in the United States. We’re planning our rollout of Midy to other countries, stay tuned!

What is Midy’s data retention and privacy policy?

You can access Midy’s Privacy Policy here:

How do I verify my age using Midy?

Verifying your legal age is becoming an increasingly common requirement across online interactions. Many state and federal laws now place age related restrictions on a wide range of digital activities such as viewing age-specific content, purchasing age-restricted products online, and creating social media accounts. Midy provides a way for you to prove your legal age online in a privacy preserving manner and by only sharing the information you have consented to share.

What age verification checks are available via Midy?

Currently, you would be able to confirm whether or not you are on or over the age of 18, 20, 21, 25, 40, 50, 60, 65 or 70 years. Additionally, you could verify that your age is between 18 and 25 or between 26 and 39.

What happens if my age does not fall in a requested age category?

Midy provides confirmation if your age does, or does not, fall in the requested age category. Midy does not share your actual age or date of birth, thereby maintaining privacy at each step of the process.

What happens if I just remove the app, and not use the “Delete Midy” option under settings?

If you delete the Midy app (i.e., remove or uninstall the app itself through your device OS, all your identity data associated with the Midy account, from your mobile device will be erased. However, the backup of your identity data on the cloud will remain in its encrypted form as deleting the local Midy app does not trigger the deletion of your Midy account. As a result, you may recover access to your Midy account, including your encrypted identity data in the cloud, by reinstalling Midy and using either a previously generated recovery code or another device that has access to your Midy account.

What does linking of Midy across devices mean?

Midy, the mobile application can be used across multiple devices. Many of us today have multiple mobile devices, and its important you can access your identity data across all of them.

When you install Midy on a new device, you have options to ‘Get started’ (i.e., register for a new Midy account) or indicate that you ‘Already have Midy’, which provides options to link your device with an existing Midy account. Linking to an existing Midy account will transfer a copy of your encrypted identity data in the cloud to your new Midy install on your device. The linking process (via either a recovery code or another device with access to your Midy account) provides your new device with keys to access your identity data. Once linked, your new Midy device will continue to be synced automatically with all your other linked devices.

How to link a new device to an existing Midy account?

After you download the Midy app on your new device, you will see a small link on the “Get Started” screen or the registration page “Already got Midy?”. Clicking this link begins the linking process and creates a QR code on the new device. Scan this QR-code using your Midy app on any device currently linked to your Midy account. That’s it, the two devices should be linked. The QR-code remains active for only 15 minutes, so please ensure to use the QR code within this time. You will need to create a passkey on your new device.

What is a recovery code?

As the name suggests, a recovery code allows you to recover access to your Midy account in case you lose access to your device. It is presented in Midy as both a 64-character long code and a QR code. You can save the recovery code as text, PDF or even print it. For your security, we will not include your Midy-registered email or phone number in the PDF or printout.

You will need your Midy-registered phone number or email along with the recovery code to recover access to your Midy account using this method. You can also recover access to your Midy account using any device currently linked to your Midy account (see “How to link a new device to an existing Midy account?”).

If you don’t have a recovery code or access to another device already linked with your Midy account, you will not be able to recover access to your Midy account.

How to generate a recovery code and how to use it?

In Midy, go to Settings to locate the ‘Recovery code’ option. The recovery code is presented in Midy as both a 64-character long code and a QR code. It is very important to store the recovery code securely and we highly recommend not to share your recovery code with anyone.

When you install the Midy app on a new device you can select “Already got Midy” followed by “Don’t have other devices” to start the recovery process. You will have to confirm you have access to your Midy-registered email or phone number by verifying the OTP (one time password). Once you correctly enter the recovery code or scan the QR code, you will now have access to your Midy account and all your associated identity data.

When should I link a device to my Midy account and when should I recover access to my Midy account?

Gaining access to an existing Midy account on a new device, or re-gaining access on a current device, can be done through either device linking or use of a recovery code.

The device linking option requires you to have access to any device already linked with your Midy account.

If you do not have access to a device already linked with your Midy account, your only remaining option is to use a recovery code. This method requires you to have access to a previously generated recovery code for your Midy account.

We recommend that you create and safely store a recovery code since if you don’t have access to either a recovery code or another device already linked with Midy, you will not be able to regain access to your Midy account.

What happens if I cannot locate my stored recovery code?

You will have to generate a new recovery code. We do not store any of your generated recovery codes, and so we cannot show you a previously generated one. Once you create a new recovery code, the previously generated recovery code is invalidated. Don’t forget to save your recovery code securely, and in a place where you will remember. 🙂

Why can’t I see my recovery code I created previously when I choose the Recovery code option in Settings?

We do not store any of your generated recovery codes, and so we cannot show you a previously generated one. If you have lost access to a previously generated recovery code you can simply create a new one. The previously generated recovery code will be invalidated. Don’t forget to save your new recovery code securely, and in a place where you will remember 🙂

What happens when I verify a new document on one of my linked devices?

Midy now supports multiple devices — which means you can now access all your identity data across all devices almost instantaneously. The data stored in Midy across your linked devices will be synced automatically, including your newly verified document.

How to review all linked devices and revoke access?

Midy does not have device management yet – which means you will not be able to revoke device access. But stay tuned, we plan to release a device management feature soon.

In the meantime, if you have lost or broken a device, we recommend locking or erasing your mobile device. Read more about these actions here: